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Mary Mahaffey


Mary Mahaffey releases debut album, Daydreams

Mary Mahaffey is an Americana singer-songwriter who released her debut album, Daydreams, in May 2023. Written while daydreaming from a window sill during the pandemic, her songs reflect on long distance love and affection, and mental health, exploring how we change and grow with the passage of time. 


Inspired by her experiences of living internationally, away from her family and loved ones, this album captures the aches of isolation and uncertainty, driven by the pandemic, and the persistence of love and hope in reaching across those distances. In the album, Mary’s earthy and soothing voice blends with pedal steel guitar, hammond organ, and violin to create a unique emotive texture. 


Mary tours in North and South America and Europe, carrying a raw emotional energy in her songs and stories which sparks a sincere connection with her audiences. Her lyricism, woven with elements of folk, pop, and Americana, wraps listeners in the essence of intimacy and authentic expression.

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